10 Days with My Devils Gameplay : KAKERU KAMUI

The following video will show you 10 Days with My Devils Gameplay Kakeru Kamui.
You can check all character gameplay from the game within our sites.

10 Days with My Devils Gameplay Kakeru Kamui

I’ll teach you how a devil loves a woman.

The Leader of the demons and also the Prince of the Demon Realm.

Kakeru is arrogant and bossy, requires absolute obedience and pretty much perfect in everything he does.

He has the ability to control human life force.

Main Story

You’ve chosen to spend your remaining time with Kakeru, the confident perfectionist.
There’s something about him that attracts you to him…


You and Kakeru have a real relationship, and due to a certain sister’s meddling,
you two get a trip to a famous inn!

Dating a Demon

Now that you and Kakeru are an item, you decide to move out of the house to live alone.
But being on your own is kind of lonely.


As prince of his world, Kakeru is trying to help you fit in by taking you with him on official royal business.
However an incident occurs that will shake the devil’s world to its core…

Wedding Sequel

Kakeru has proposed, which means once you marry him, you’ll be a princess!
Will you able to persuade those who opposed and have your dream wedding?

Main Story | Epilogue | Dating a Demon | Sequel | Wedding Sequel

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