Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay : RIN AKANE ~ Ayakashi Route

The following video will show you Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay Rin Akane Ayakashi Route.
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Ayakashi Gohan Gameplay Rin Akane Ayakashi Route

CV: Tomonaga Akane (友永朱音)

Akane Rin at 7-years-old, and also the protagonist of Ayakashi Gohan
during the chapters set in Rin’s childhood.

Since the death of her father, she has grown up being neglected by her freewheeling mother.

She is shy and doesn’t know the warmth a family can provide.

“A delicious meal brings ‘happiness’ to everyone.”

You believe it was your father said that.

At that time you was still so young, and as time went on,
you came to forget his face that you had loved so much…

After your father passed away, your mother started working at the bar.

Because of that, you have lost your time together as a family.

She used to be so caring, but time changed her.
She became a person who rarely smiled.

So now, you do everything all by yourself.

You have to tie your hair and even cook the rice, all on your own.
Waking up, sleeping, and everything else.
All on your own.

Days like those continued, and you though it would stay the same forever.

Until the day summer vacation began…

From today, until the end of summer break, you’re going to stay with grandma at her house.

The place is known as Momiji Village, were your father grew up.

And during the summer vacation, this will be your house as well…

Childhood Days

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