Be My Princess 2 Gameplay : IVAN ~ Main Story

The following video will show you Be My Princess 2 Gameplay Ivan Main Story.
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Be My Princess 2 Gameplay Ivan Main Story

I’ve got a country to rule. Who needs love?

Crown Prince of Sanct Sybil Kingdom

Ivan is the youngest out of the four born into the royal family.

Unconsciously overbearing and doesn’t realize that talking normally can be quite intimidating to others.

He is values fairness in rewards and punishments.

At the ball you heard that you were to be a marriage candidate for Prince Ivan.

To get you to come all the way to Nobel Michel castle…

There’s no way it could be a joke…

You are just a normal pastry chef.

You never imagined you’d be invited to a marriage interview with a prince…

After getting dressed with the kind of dress you can’t even get into without other people’s help,
a man in a white coat enters the room.

He is just a doctor to perform a physical on you.

The marriage interview, the dress, the doctor’s exam…

Now you will be attending a ball hosted by Prince Ivan.

Inside the ball are a lot of young women wearing beautiful gowns.

In other words, Prince Ivan will make his final choice for his princess…
from the girls at this party.

Up until yesterday, you were a nobody working at a little corner pastry store.

And now suddenly you’re attending balls and marriage interviews with the princes…

The prince appears leading his ministers and followers.

He’s certainly dignified and handsome.

On top of that, he’s tall and blond…
I can really tell he’s a prince.

But as always, there’s no expression on his face.

After that balls, and since your appointment’s done
so you thought you’d at least come in to prep for tomorrow at the pastry store.

A car slows to a stop in front of you and a tall man steps out.

It’s… It’s Prince Ivan!

He came to see you to ask you to come with him to Sanct Sybil.

You’ve no idea what’s going on!

Main Story | Sequel | The Royal Wedding

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