Be My Princess 2 Gameplay : IVAN ~ Sequel

The following video will show you Be My Princess 2 Gameplay Ivan Sequel.
You can check all character gameplay from the game within our sites.

Be My Princess 2 Gameplay Ivan Sequel

I’ve got a country to rule. Who needs love?

Crown Prince of Sanct Sybil Kingdom

Ivan is the youngest out of the four born into the royal family.

Unconsciously overbearing and doesn’t realize that talking normally can be quite intimidating to others.

He is values fairness in rewards and punishments.

You have been staying in Sanct Sybil Kingdom
ever since both of you confessed your love and accepted the ring again.

Since Ivan has approved of you continuing your work as a pastry chef…

You are going with him to enter the competition at Nobel Michel Castle,
to be part of the Expo pastry chef team.

Finally the day arrives when Ivan has to leave the castle to prepare for Expo.

The princes are also participating in the competition as judges.

Ivan told you that he will announce your engagement after the Expo.

So you will work for your cake in the morning and princess training later…

But the ring is nowhere to be found.

You look everywhere, getting down on hands and knees to look under the bed and desk…

But there’s no sign of it.

It’s an heirloom that’s been passed down through the Chernenkov family.

How could something like this happened…

Special thanks to RoNi Pei

Main Story | Sequel | The Royal Wedding

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