Be My Princess 2 Gameplay : SIEG ~ Main Story

The following video will show you Be My Princess 2 Gameplay Sieg Main Story.
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Be My Princess 2 Gameplay Sieg Main Story

You can’t imagine the pressure I’m under as prince.

Crown Prince of DresVan Kingdom and the grandson of King Joshua.

Sieg takes his responsibilities as prince very seriously.

His uptight attitude can be a bit much at times.

He is similar to his grandfather in that he is scared of cats
but unlike his grandfather, he is a good cook.

Prince Sieg was looking for potential brides last night at the party.

You recall Sieg’s attitude last night.

He didn’t treat you nicely at all…

But it was his own decision to chose you as his potential bride.

Tonight Zain will take you to the meeting place for the marriage interview!

This is an opportunity to get to know him better as his potential bride.

Prince, potential bride, marriage interview…

You can’t believe this is happening…

Sieg is currently staying at Nobel Michel Castle to prepare for the Expo.

The Novel Expo is a great exhibition held by a group of the surrounding countries
in order to deepen friendships and promote cultural exchange between them.

You start to feel incredibly nervous, knowing you will having an interview with a prince.

But the way Sieg treated you made you feel so inferior.

He said marriage interview, but he probably just wanted to laugh at an ordinary person.

At the moment, you have no idea what the fates had in store for you…

Main Story | Sequel | The Royal Wedding

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