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Court of Darkness Gameplay

Published on May 9, 2020

The following video will show you Court of Darkness Gameplay.
You can check all character gameplay from the game within our sites.

Court of Darkness Gameplay


Title Court of Darkness
Original Title 魔界王子と魅惑のナイトメア
Developer Voltage Inc
Publisher Voltage Inc
Released Date April 20th 2020

A red crescent moon night.

Before you notice, you’re in a different world, faced by the five princes that rule “Makai”.

Your life in the magical realm begins at an elite academy full of princes and their servants.

There, you learn to cast arcane spells and dance at balls.

This world is utterly unlike anything you’ve ever known.

Seeking the magic hidden in your lips, they charm you with sweet words and compete with each other.

However, eventually they’ll not only want your power, but also your heart.
Although if you fall in love, you won’t be able to go back to your world…

How will you respond to these princes?

And what will you do once you unlock your true power?

A dark and sweet story with a twist.

Guy Monus

Court of Darkness Gameplay Guy Monus
Prince of Monus

Lint Belve

Court of Darkness Gameplay Lint Belve
Prince of Belve

Fenn Modea

Court of Darkness Gameplay Fenn Modea
Prince of Modea

Toa Quifer

Court of Darkness Gameplay Toa Quifer
Prince of Quifer

Roy Revia

Court of Darkness Gameplay Roy Revia
Prince of Revia

Rio Lezele

Court of Darkness Gameplay Rio Lezele
Prince of Lezele

Jasper Lane

Court of Darkness Gameplay Jasper Lane
Guy’s Butler

Tino Maes

Court of Darkness Gameplay Tino Maes
Lint’s Butler


Court of Darkness Gameplay Knight
Toa’s Butler

Grasse Hotz

Court of Darkness Gameplay Grasse Hotz
Roy’s Butler


Court of Darkness Gameplay Leu

Lance Sata

Court of Darkness Gameplay Lance Sata
Prince of Sata

Dia Belve

Court of Darkness Gameplay Dia Belve
Royal Exile

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