Devil in My Arms Gameplay

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Devil in My Arms Gameplay

Devil in My Arms is an otome game Developed and Published by Koyonplete,
released on June 24th 2014 and also part of the Koyonplete Series.



“I will hurt you, angel.” Michael grits his teeth as my nails dig into his back.

But I don’t want gentle. I want to be corrupted. I want to be tainted with lust.

With our sin.

As our bodies move in synchronize,
I know that I’m falling deeper and deeper for him.

And I don’t know how to stop it.”

A love story could begin anywhere, but for me, it started with lust.

When I met Michael at a nightclub,
our chemistry was immediate, intense, and with no strings attached.

We spent one night together before parting our ways.

But he turns out to be my new English professor, Prof. Michael Forster.

What was meant to be a casual hookup,
turns into something more dangerous as we both give in to our desires and sharing a forbidden secret.

In the eyes of society, we are teacher and student,
but in truth, we are just two people lusting for each other…

Until that lust fades and become something more dangerous.

Something that could destroy our fragile relationship.

That something is love.


The following video contains nudity and any other form of media that only suitable for age 17 or older.

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