Diabolik Lovers – Haunted Dark Bridal Gameplay : REIJI SAKAMAKI

The followings video will show you Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Gameplay Reiji Sakamaki.
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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Gameplay Reiji Sakamaki

Reiji is the second son of the Sakamaki brothers and the second son of Beatrix.

He is very formal, and is generally the most composed aside from Shu.

Although Shu is his only full blood brother,
he despises him for being the supposed favourite of their mother,
since he was neglected due to Cordelia’s hostilities.

He values rules and demands that the others follow them,
even though many of his decrees are odd and self-made.

Reiji chooses to be the role model of the house even though he is the second son.

Although Reiji has a very polite attitude and almost always acts like a gentleman,
he is a man of very harsh words.

Along with his passion for experimenting and making drugged potions,
he loves to collect kitchenware.

Dark | Maniac | Ecstasy | Ending | Heaven

⌈ Used translation from wiki with permission from Lorelei

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