Diabolik Lovers Series Gameplay

The following video will show you Diabolik Lovers Series Gameplay.
You can check all character gameplay from the game within our sites.

Haunted Dark BridalMore BloodVandead CarnivalDark FateLunatic ParadeLost EdenChaos Lineage

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal
The first game of the series.

Yui Komori, a normal teenage girl until her second year of secondary school.
Her dad, a priest, needs to go abroad for work.
Subsequently, Yui is compelled to move to another town and arrives alone at a house she was told will be her new home.


Diabolik Lovers MORE Blood
Fandisc from Diabolik Lovers : Haunted Dark Bridal

Living with the Sakamakis’ for a month,
Yui begins to have bizarre dreams and nebulous visions in regards to a baffling “Eve”.
But one night a different family of vampire brothers show up in front of the Sakamaki mansion, having transferred schools.

Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival
Prequel from Diabolik Lovers : Haunted Dark Bridal

One day an invitation to the “Vandead Carnival” arrived at the Sakamaki household.
Order from their father, Sakamaki brothers and Yui Komori had to reluctantly participate.

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate
Sequel from Diabolik Lovers : Haunted Dark Bridal, and the second game of the series.

As Komori Yui was gotten in the strife brought about by the Sakamaki and Mukami families
and her days of getting her blood sucked proceeded, new kin showed up before her.
The Tsukinami siblings had come back to Japan as students
from another school from the fundamental branch of Mintei Academy, situated in the UK.

Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade
Fandisc from Diabolik Lovers : Dark Fate

One day, an invitation were delivered to both Sakamaki’s and Mukami’s house.
In the Demon World holding a festival, and the phrase “Parade” was written on it.

Diabolik Lovers Lost EdenSequel from Diabolik Lovers : Dark Fate

Mysterious incidents in which vampires are killed one-by-one in the human world began to occur.
The feuding brothers of the Sakamaki, Mukami and Tsukinami households
started to suspect and become cautious of one another. 

Diabolik Lovers Chaos LineageThis game is based on the Chaos Lineage Drama CD series

A world where there are only 13 vampires and you, the “Legendary Eve.”
Your beloved, their memories with you forgotten, heartlessly draw near.
Every day, you have no choice but to watch them kill each other, blood-lust and snarling.

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