Enchanted in the Moonlight Gameplay : YUKINOJO ~ Sequel

The followings video will show you Enchanted in the Moonlight Gameplay Yukinojo Sequel.
You can check all character gameplay from the game within our sites.

Enchanted in the Moonlight Gameplay Yukinojo Sequel

This feels good, right? I know you like it…

The head of the Yukibito Clan.

Yukinojo is actually a nice, kind, patient and very sensitive ayakashi.

He’s the most knowledgeable of the human world.

He can create snow and freeze enemies solid.

His Clan’s crest is the Crystal.

It’s already been a month…

The carnation’s are blooming again.

These are the carnation that Yukinojo planted for you.

One month ago, you met Yukinojo, an ayakashi— a yukibito,
and fell in love.

And then, in front of these carnations,
you found out that Yukinojo feels the same way about you…

You thought your feelings were unrequited.

It still feels like it was yesterday that you found out you were wrong.

Carnations mean “belief in love”, a perfect symbol for that day.

It was the first time you were bonded…

He really is totally different from the person you met a month ago.

Ever since then, you’ve been slowly but surely
developing your relationship as a couple.

Because you can see it in the things Yukinojo does…

Yukinojo accepted his sad past and is finally able to look a head to the future.

But, Yukinojo still hasn’t told you he loves you…

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