Ephemeral: Fantasy on Dark Gameplay: RAY

The following video will show you Ephemeral Fantasy on Dark Gameplay Ray.
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Ephemeral Fantasy on Dark Gameplay Ray

I feel uncomfortable. Give me your blood.

CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki (興津和幸)

Arrogant, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

With the race in high-class, he is very proud of himself.

He can’t resist the beauty. All he chooses to sip the blood owns a beautiful appearances.

He cares for the main character with her beauteous look.

You assigned the vampire, Ray, as your partner.

But as soon as he heard you, he frowned and clicked his tongue.

He… seems to be angry about it…

You feel a little anxious about getting along with everyone,
but since the discrimination of races is prohibited,
that means no one can kill or eat anyone.

Ray have been assigned to be your partner,
the teacher asked him to show you around the campus.

Then, he roughly showed you around.

As soon as the students saw him, they made a way for him.

The male students look at him terrified.

The female students look at him with terror and passion at the same time.

And for you who was following him, there were curiosity, jealousy and insult.

There is no discrimination about ranks in this campus.

You finally realized that was a lie.

It seems this is the beginning of your dreadful life on this campus…

Well… You came here despite your grandma’s objection,
so you can’t just keep complaining.

And you suddenly recalled what grandma said to you before you left.

“Please… don’t keep anyone in your heart… You mustn’t fall in love…”

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sexual themes, gore, violence, and/or strong language.

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