Forbidden Romance : Pub Encounter Gameplay

The following video will show you Forbidden Romance Pub Encounter Gameplay.
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Forbidden Romance Pub Encounter Gameplay

Forbidden Romance : Pub Encounter is an otome game developed by D3Publisher
and localized by Dogenzaka Lab, released on April 13th 2016
and part of Forbidden Romance series.

After a rough day at work,
you decide to walk a different way home to try and improve your mood.

Walking down an unfamiliar street,
you stumble across a bar named Audire that seems like it has a nice atmosphere.

Unsure of what to expect,
you open the door and find a group of high-class older men.

What awaits you at Audire?

You are a new employee at your company.

However, you haven’t been getting along with your boss,
and you’ve been making mistake after mistake.

One day when you’re feeling depressed,
you discover a new bar on your way home.

Overwhelmed by the stylish atmosphere inside the bar,
you find yourself being chatted up by a man who seems to be one of the regulars.

As you start to enjoy the conversation,
you end up becoming interested in the bar and the men that hang out here.

Ryunosuke Yuze

CEO of Torenia

Mamoru Arashiro

Civil Lawyer

Hideaki Kodama

Police Officer

Yorihisa Hodo


Soichiro Toyoizumi

Owner of Audire

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