Inma Series

Published on February 1, 2016

The following video will show you INMA.
You can check all character gameplay from the game within our sites.

Inma Icon

Inma aka 淫魔 is a Drama CD from Velvet Voice

IntroductionStoryDrama CD

Original Title淫魔
DeveloperVelvet Voice
PublisherVelvet Voice
  • do S Temptation · Sweet Temptation
  • Maniac Temptation · Naive Temptation
  • Man Temptation · Old Man Temptation
  • Small Devil Temptation · Shy Temptation
  • Ore-sama Temptation • Dog Temptation
  • Hot Blood Temptation • Lazy Temptation
  • Earnest Temptation • Amorous Temptation
  • Fascinate Temptation • Intense Temptation

A demon who likes to having sex with humans beings
and feeds the overflowing life energy from it, that is INMA.

One night, two INMA appeared in your dream.

Seduce you with the appearance and voice to your liking.

In a completely different words and caresses,
invite you to the world of sensuality.

No matter how you resist, even if you are frightened, even if you are shy,
there is no escape.

Whispered by a beautiful INMA, kissed, caressed, and…

ドSな誘惑 · 甘い誘惑
do S Temptation · Sweet Temptation

Inma 01 Icon
CV : Ryuusenhoudouin Zanjibaru (竜仙鳳堂院斬慈刃琉) a.k.a Kishio Daisuke (岸尾だいすけ)
Released: 26 July 2013

Maniac Temptation · Naive Temptation

Inma 02 Icon
CV: Okino Yasuhiro (沖野靖広) a.k.a Takahashi Hiroki (高橋 広樹)
Released: 23 October 2013

Man Temptation · Old Man Temptation

Inma 03 Icon
CV : Maximillian Nagisa (マクシミリアン渚) a.k.a Inoue Kazuhiko (井上和彦)
Released: 29 January 2014

Small Devil Temptation · Shy Temptation

Inma 04 Icon
CV: Asagi Yu (あさぎ夕) a.k.a Suzuki Yuto (鈴木裕斗)
Released: 26 March 2014

Ore-sama Temptation • Dog Temptation

Inma 05 Icon
CV : Sawa Mannaka (佐和真中) a.k.a Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)
Released: 25 November 2015

Hot Blood Temptation • Lazy Temptation

Inma 06 Icon
CV : Teradake Jun (寺竹順) a.k.a Abe Atsushi (阿部敦)
Released: 25 June 2016

Earnest Temptation • Amorous Temptation

Inma 07 Icon
CV : Hiiragi Santa (柊三太) a.k.a Ono Yuuki (小野友樹)
Released: 28 September 2016

Fascinate Temptation • Intense Temptation

Inma 08 Icon
CV : Sawa Mannaka (佐和真中) a.k.a Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤まさとも)
Released: 29 November 2017

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