Irresistible Mistakes Gameplay : NATSUME ASAOKA

Irresistible Mistakes Gameplay Natsume

The following video will show you Irresistible Mistakes Gameplay Natsume Asaoka.
You can check all character gameplay from the game within our sites.

Irresistible Mistakes Gameplay Natsume Asaoka

Irresistible Mistakes Gameplay


We may be old friends, but I’m still a man.

Sales Department of Addison & Rhodes

An incredibly conscientious & faithful boy

He’s a logical and down-to-earth, giving his partner peace of mind.

His lukewarm attitude and halfhearted feelings are there to safeguard against hurting his partner’s heart.

Season 1

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Main Story : His PoV

Season 2

Evening Embrace

Evening Embrace : His PoV

The Morning After

Season 3

Between Reason and Affection

Between Reason and Affection : His PoV

Binding Hearts

Irresistible Mistakes Gameplay

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