Irresistible Mistakes Gameplay : TAKU HAYAMA

Irresistible Mistakes Gameplay Taku

The following video will show you Irresistible Mistakes Gameplay Taku Hayama.
You can check all character gameplay from the game within our sites.

Irresistible Mistakes Gameplay Taku Hayama


What kind of man wouldn’t want the woman he loves?

The Regular at Storm Bar

Selfish yet caring, impossible to hate.

The world see a charmer, but underneath it all, he’s an egoist.
Only looking out for number one.

Yet there’s kindness in his heart, and it can not be disguised.

Season 1

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Main Story : His PoV

Season 2

Evening Embrace

Evening Embrace : His PoV

The Morning After

Season 3

Between Reason and Affection

Between Reason and Affection : His PoV

Binding Hearts

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