Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of Musk~ Gameplay

Published on April 29, 2020

The followings video will show you Jakou no Lyla Allure of Musk Gameplay.
You can check all character gameplay from the game within our sites.

Jakou no Lyla Allure of Musk Gameplay

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Information Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of Musk~
Original Title 蛇香のライラ ~Allure of MUSK~
Developer Otomate
Publisher Frontier Works, Idea Factory
  1. Jakou no Lyla: First Night • European Night
  2. Jakou no Lyla: Second Night • Asian Night
  3. Jakou no Lyla: Third Night • Arabian Night
triAngle PROJECT
  1. Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of Musk~
  2. Tlicolity Eyes
  3. Katakoi Contrast -Way of Parting-

Part of “triAngle PROJECT“, a collaboration project between Otomate and Frontier Works. Each series will have 3 games released in span of 9 months for Windows under the same concept: one heroine, two heroes, and triangle love.

Jakou no Lyla ~Allure of Musk~ theme is Arabian x sensual x triangle love

A country surrounded by hot desert sand in all directions ?
The Kingdom of Shanasa.

In a corner of this country ruled by the celebrated King Lizaru Shanasa,
there is a store.

《Show Salon • Kamal》

This store where you can seeMysterious Dreams is always lively with the different men who visit it night by night.

Some visit just to see one night’s dream.

Some visit to fulfill their ambition and self interest.

——And some visit each evening just to get a glimpse of the beautiful Maiyouhime,
the most famous and best dancer at Kamal.

However, a beautiful flower has its “Poison”.

A lethal poison that will overdose while you are intoxicated by its sweet smell.

The “Dancing Princess” has another face.

That is a Spy.

The beautiful flower will again set a trap, and continues to lure its prey.

——In July of the year.
Shanasa became the grounds for the Leaders of the Next Generation Conference,
and an unexpected prey fell into the lap of the “Dancing Princess”.

Set in the Hiral Palace where the extravagance of luxury as its stage,
our bloody spy mission opens its curtains in September.

“Your Highness, may I suggest you to be more honest about your feelings?”

“Now, look in my eyes. This body, this heart, everything belongs only to you——”


Jakou no Lyla Allure of Musk Gameplay Shirien
The Protagonist

First Night • European Night

Vince Lugan

Jakou no Lyla Allure of Musk Gameplay Vince Lugan
Do not put a woman in my room without permission. It’s unpleasant.
The First Prince of Lugan Kingdom
CV: Kisho Taniyama (谷山 紀章)

Rollan Crydelle

Jakou no Lyla Allure of Musk Gameplay Rolan Crydelle
…Hey. I can finally help you…
The Third Prince of the Exile Crydelle Kingdom
CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana (立花 慎之介)

Second Night • Asian Night

Korei Rin

Jakou no Lyla Allure of Musk Gameplay Korei Rin
You are the White Lady! I finally met my destined woman——
Imperial Crown Prince of the Rin Empire
CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu (興津 和幸)

Kirei Rin

Jakou no Lyla Allure of Musk Gameplay Kirei Rin
…Seduce my brother, and then do a terrible flick.
I want to show the reality to that “White Lady” follower,
the reality that pure love doesn’t exist in this world.
Second Prince of the Rin Empire
CV: Takuya Sato (佐藤 拓也)

Third Night • Arabian Night

Lizaru Shanasa

Jakou no Lyla Allure of Musk Gameplay Lizaru Shanasa
I want you to seduce me, but that’s not enough at all.
——Make me feel in the mood more.
King of the Shanasa Kingdom
CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa (森川 智之)


Jakou no Lyla Allure of Musk Gameplay Jemiru
Tch… It’s enough without borrowing your hand.
You don’t have to seduce. …I’ll kill him first.
The Protagonist’s Brother
CV: Ayumu Murase (村瀬 歩)

Jakou no Lyla Allure of Musk Gameplay 01 Cover

Between a target who has never loved a woman and a client who has a distorted way of love to a woman?

European Triangle

Jakou no Lyla Allure of Musk Gameplay 02 Cover

Between a client who loves woman strangely and clients who loves woman frivolously?

Asian Triangle

Jakou no Lyla Allure of Musk Gameplay 03 Cover

Between a client who love woman aggressively and who loves only one woman?

Arabian Triangle

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