Kare Pillow – Vol 1 Seto Ryo

The following video will show you Kare Pillow Vol 1 Seto Ryo.
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InformationStoryDrama CD

Title Kare Pillow : Vol. 1 – A Drive Date With Your Older Boyfriend
Original Title 年上彼氏とドライブデート先で❤︎編 CV: 平井 達矢
Developer Velvet Voice
Publisher Velvet Voice
Released Date December 25th 2014
Character Voice Hirai Tatsuya (平井 達矢) / Hirakawa Daisuke (平川大輔)

A Drive Date With Your Older Boyfriend and do H inside a car.

Your Boyfriend finished his job earlier and  waiting for you.

He ask you go for a leisurely drive and have dinner with him.

Somewhat you’re nervous being with him because he is older than you, but no need to be so worked up.

Because you’re a lovers after all.

Later you arrived at the hill, where you can see the whole town in one sweep of eye.

But since it’s so cold outside, he ask you to just stay inside the car and talk.

Used translation with permission from Karansha

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