Kings of Paradise Gameplay : TAKI ~ Main Story

The following video will show you Kings of Paradise Gameplay Taki Main Story.
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Kings of Paradise Gameplay Taki Main Story

I will love you again.

The Real estate Tycoon.

Imperious and Your Ex-boyfriend

He’s curt, not the type to emote, cold but faithful.
He understand you like no other man has.

You wake up in an unfamiliar room.

And just as you thought, everything is gone,
including your underwear.

Only wearing a fancy bathrobe.

Suddenly you notice that Taki Kozaki standing in the doorway,
clad with an identical bathrobe.

You remembered that he offered you a job, and you tried to run away…

But you slipped and fell to the pool.

Then Taki aggressively ushers you out of the room
without listening to a word you have to say.

After dragging you into an imported luxury car, you drive off.

“You’re going to be my housekeeper. End of story.”

So… There you go.

You are going to be his housekeeper…

Main StoryHis POVExquisite Affection | Rapturous Pleasure

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