Ozmafia!! Gameplay

Published on October 5, 2016

The following video will show you Ozmafia Gameplay.
You can check all character gameplay from the game within our sites.

Ozmafia Gameplay Cover

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Title Ozmafia!!
Original Title オズマフィア!!
Developer Poni-Pachet SY
Publisher Poni-Pachet SY, Dramatic Create, MangaGamer
Released Date April 29th 2016

Once upon a time, a girl and her beloved pet dog were swept away to a magical land by a tornado.

With a witch’s silver slippers upon her feet, the girl set out for a city of emeralds to meet a great wizard and ask him to send her home.

Along the way she made some unusual friends who joined her on her journey as they too had requests to make of the great wizard.

The path may have been fraught with many trials, but eventually the small party made their way to the city of emeralds and their wishes granted by the great wizard.

You may think you know how the story ends, but what if the girl hadn’t felt that there was ‘no place like home’…?

Our heroine awakes to find herself in an unfamiliar land.
She has no memories at all, not even knowing her own name.

To make matters worse, the first person she meets is out to kill her.

Our heroine runs for her life through the unknown streets, only to run headfirst into another stranger.

Fortunately for her, this man is the don of the mafia famiglia Oz.

With no love for would-be murderers of innocent women, he drives off her attacker and takes her underneath his famiglia’s wing.

This is hardly the end of her troubles, however.

Famiglia Oz is but one of many different mafia famiglie in town, and bitter conflicts for territory rage eternally between them all.

Only on Sundays does peace return to the town by a mutual compromise, and come the next day the battles continue anew as if they had never ceased.

It is in this war-torn town that our rootless heroine must find her way.

Who amongst the mafias simply seeks to use her for their own ends, and who can she truly come to trust… and even love?


Ozmafia Gameplay Fuka
The Protagonist

Famiglia Oz


Ozmafia Gameplay Caramia
Just leave it to me. I’ll definitely do something about it.
The Courageous Lion


Ozmafia Gameplay Kyrie
I can’t help teasing person I like and those I don’t.
The Sly Scarecrow


Ozmafia Gameplay Axel
Do not bother me… I would not know what to do.
The Taciturn Tin Woodsman

Famiglia Grimm


Ozmafia Gameplay Scarlet
Don’t approach any more. ——That’s a warning.
Little Red Sniper-Hood


Ozmafia Gameplay Hamelin
Frowning even though it’s a reunion after a long time… I’m crying.
The One-Eyed Piper

Famiglia Boots


Ozmafia Gameplay Paschet
Here’s my method. You execute this.
The Stern Puss in Boots

The Wolf Gang


Ozmafia Gameplay Caesar
You are my prey ——A drop of blood also mine.
The Big Bad Wolf


Ozmafia Gameplay Soh
I, I want to know more of you. …No good?
The Pure-Hearted Pacifist

Sherwood Clinic

Robin Hood

Ozmafia Gameplay Robin Hood
I have seen it. Corpse autopsy is my job.
The Masked Doctor

Oscar Wilde Salon


Ozmafia Gameplay Manboy
Please tell me anything. Do not refrain.
The Devoted Sparrow

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