PersonA Phantom of the Opera Gameplay

The following video will show you PersonA Phantom of the Opera Gameplay.
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PersonA Phantom of the Opera aka PersonA ~オペラ座の怪人~
is an otome game by Mirai-soft and also as the Publisher,
released on April 7th 2012.

It is the second half of the 19th century in France.

Paris’ Opera House is the phase where vocalists from all over Europe dream to be.

Be that as it may, there is a horrendous babble perceptible all around,
which shows up about a strange man inside the Opera House.

Christine is a young musical drama artist who has lost all passion for singing.

Her attempts to becoming as the ‘diva’
– the top musical show vocalist of the house-
not adequately enough…

Until one day, a flawless voice address her.

A voice from whom she starts accepting singing lessons.

“I won’t hand you to anybody…”

Along these lines Christine is moved into a twisting of love,
fancy and loathe between five men in Paris’ Opera House.

A place where insider actualities have yet to spread out.

Used translation with permission from Ramia

Used translation with permission from Ramia and Dellz

Christine Daæ

CV: Kanau / 奏雨 aka Ozaki Mami / 尾崎 真実
The Protagonist


CV: Ooishi Keizou / 大石 恵三 aka Kondou Takashi / 近藤 隆
The Phantom of the Opera

Raoul de Chagny

CV: Sorano Taiyou / 空乃 太陽 aka Kishio Daisuke / 岸尾 大輔
The Young Count of Chagny

Philippe de Chagny

CV: Aoshima Yaiba / 青島 刃 aka Narita Ken / 成田 剣
Raoul’s Older Brother and The Benefactor of the Opera House.

Richard Firmin

CV: Sakura Hiroshi / 桜 ひろし aka Maeno Tomoaki / 前野 智昭
The Manager of the Opera


CV: Sakiware Spoon / 先割れ スプーン aka Toriumi Kousuke / 鳥海 浩輔
Richard’s Butler and his Secretary at the Opera.

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