Pirates in Love Gameplay : HAYATE ~ Maiden Voyage

The following video will show you Pirates in Love Gameplay Hayate Maiden Voyage.
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Pirates in Love Gameplay Hayate Maiden Voyage

In the previous version, he was renamed Russell.

He’s haughty and isn’t exactly forthcoming about this feelings, but when you’re in trouble,
he always comes running and would risks his life to save yours.

He looked so deliberate like a prince, you had no idea he was a pirate.

Fighting style: Dual-Wielding Fencer

As the Captain’s order, you choose Hayate as your room-mate.

Hayate tried to pick a fight with you on the street as soon as your eyes meet.

Hayate show you around the ship.

And since nobody else’ll show you how to clean the bath…

Now Hayate ask you to go to the deck and clean it.

But again, Soshi scold him to think about you more since you are a girl..

But Hayate actually listen to what Soshi said…

Could it be that he is actually a nice guy…?

From that day, Hayate’s like a bodyguard.

Captain Ryuga said that he want to eat a Noconuts.

It seems that Noconuts are on an island nearby where women are prohibited.

It looks harmless, but you might be attacked if they found you,
so you have to stay at the ship.

Maiden Voyage | Love’s HorizonDeeper Waters | Pirate’s Life for Me

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