Romeo VS Juliet Gameplay

The followings video will show you Romeo VS Juliet Gameplay.
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Romeo VS Juliet Gameplay

Romeo VS Juliet is an otome game by Quinrose and also as the Publisher,
released on August 22th 2013 and part of Romeo Juliet series, Romeo & Juliet.

Verona is a country where Vampires and Human fight with each other.

Located in the border where the conflict most intense place,
Juliet Capulet is the head of Capulet family,

had sent to do the daily training aiming to become a Vampire Hunter.

Meanwhile, the reconciliation policy with Vampire is announced
by the Grand Duke of Verona.

In the confused situation where the favor and the opposition were confused,
it appeared before her——

 Used translation with permission from Ramia and Dellz 

Juliet Capulet

The Protagonist

Romeo Montague

The King of Vampires

 Mercutio Eterna

Romeo’s Servant.

Lawrence Globus

The Best Vampire Hunter.
Juliet’s mentor.

Paris Verona

The Successor of the Grand Duke.
Juliet’s fiance.

Escalus Verona

The Grand Duke of Verona

Benvolio Montague

Romeo’s Cousin and Guardian.

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