Q: How can I see the content?
A: You need to register and login.

Q: Where can I do the register?
A: Just click any post and you will see it.

Q: Already register but still cannot see the content.
A: You need to wait a while for admin check your registration or you may contact the admin directly.

Q: How to contact the admin?
A: Send email to [email protected]

Q: Can I request route?
A: No, you can’t.

Q: Why can’t I request route?
A: Unless you help with the translation, you can’t.

Q: I see some not yet have a link. Why and what took you so long?
A: Since we lack of people working on the project, it will take some time to finish.

Q: Can I share the content?
A: No. Unless you have permission from the admin. No reupload. No disclaimer. See Rules.

Q: I notice you are doing it alone. Can I help you and post some?
A: Please do! That’s very helpful. Thank you so much!

Q: How to do it?
A: First you need to send me an email to [email protected].

Q: Why I got banned?
A: Probably you have broken the rules, which u can read on the RULES section.

Q: But I don’t remember doing anything that breaks the rules!
A: Read the RULES once again. After that, you may contact the admin for confirmation.

Q: RIP English.
A: LOL. Well.. English is not my mother language. But you can correct it. Contact me.. PRETTY PLEASE (T^T)