1. How can I see some of the content?

You need to register and login.

2. Where can I do the register?

Just click any post and you will see it.

3. Already register but still cannot see the content.

You need to wait a while for admin check your registration or you may contact the admin directly.

4. How to contact the admin?

Send email to [email protected]

5. Can I request route?

No, you can’t.

6. Why can't I request route?

Unless you help with the translation or provide with the video, you can’t.

7. I see some not yet have a link. Why and what took you so long?

Since we lack of people working on the project, it will take some time to finish. Only 1 person working right now.

8. Can I share the content?

No. Unless you have permission from the admin. No reupload. No disclaimer. See Rules.

9. I notice you are doing it alone. Can I help you and post some?

Please do! That’s very helpful. Thank you so much!

10. How?

First you need to send me an email to [email protected] or simply just fill the new uploader form, I will contact you.

11. Why I got banned?

Probably you have broken the rules, which u can read on the RULES section.

12. But I don't remember doing anything that breaks the rules!

Read the RULES once again. After that, you may contact the admin for confirmation.

13. RIP English.

LOL. Well.. English is not my mother language. But you can correct it. Contact me.. PRETTY PLEASE (T^T)

14. (Report Broken Link) I can't get any of the gameplay videos to work.

First, I will always check the videos. And if there a problem, I will fixed it ASAP and will post the fixed one as a new post.

15. (Report Broken Link) I can't see the gameplay routes.

Basically and mostly, Black words means routes not yet available. Blue words means route available.

For PC browser: you will see the link when you hover your cursor to the Character or The Character’s name. See FAQ #7.

For Mobile browser: If you touch and nothing happen then it’s mean no link from the beginning. If you touch and hold it, an ALERT! Content protected will pop up. For this problem, NO NEED to Report as broken link since no link from the beginning.

16. What is the difference between Used translation with and without permission?

Permissions is all about seeking permission. I just simply use Used translation from… meaning they did not reply my message, not active anymore, account deleted, no longer available or in hiatus.