Shall We Date? Lost Alice Gameplay

Published on December 30, 2016

The followings video will show you Shall We Date? Lost Alice Gameplay.
You can check all character gameplay from the game within our sites.

Shall We Date Gameplay Lost Alice

InformationStoryCharactersOpening MoviePrologue

TitleLost Alice+
Original Title
DeveloperNTT Solmare
PublisherNTT Solmare
Released DateDecember 4th 2016

“You’ve come here, neither following the White Rabbit nor in response to the Queen of Hearts. You’ve come to Wonderland on your own will.”

——The key to solving all the mysteries is your lost memories.

“My Alice, I’ve been waiting for you for so long.”

“I told you, I’m not Alice!”

——You remember nothing but your name.

They call you Alice.

Elegant tea party with the Hatter.

Temptations from the Cheshire Cat.

The golden afternoon with Joker.

While the days in Wonderland never cease to entertain you…
you find your true love.

Whose “Alice” will you be?


Lost Alice Gameplay Alice
The Protagonist

The Episode of Spinner of Tales

Luke Estheim

Lost Alice Gameplay Luke Estheim
I will not ever forget your real name, never…
The Hatter

Kyle Knock

Lost Alice Gameplay Kyle Knock
You are so comfortable to cuddle with…
The Cheshire Cat

Joker Braze

Lost Alice Gameplay Joker Braze
Don’t forget. I’m always by your side.
The Unknown

The Episode of Timekeeper

Owen Chester

Lost Alice Gameplay Owen Chester
Please allow me to be your help, Alice.
The Chess King

Sidd Rex

Lost Alice Gameplay Sidd Rex
I want to share all of our future together.
The March Hare

Chronus Carlyle

Lost Alice Gameplay Chronus Carlyle
…I’ll be taking Alice with me. No one can have her…
The Timekeeper

The Episode of The Kingdom of Playing Cards

Ace Spade

Lost Alice Gameplay Ace Spade
Together… there’s no obstacle that we can’t overcome.
The Lord of Spade

Neil Mirror

Lost Alice Gameplay Neil Mirror
Why do you wish to regain your memory?
The Mirror Keeper

Spinner of Tales

Lost Alice Gameplay Spinner of Tales
How… did you find out that name?
The Spinner of Tales

The Episode of The Grimm

Red Huber

Lost Alice Gameplay Red Huber
The Gun

Hansel Bernet

Lost Alice Gameplay Hansel Bernet
Do not let go of my hand.
The Brain

Sieghard Grimm

Lost Alice Gameplay Sieghard Grimm
If that’s what you want, I have no reason to stop you.
The King

The Episode of The Underground City

Frederick Grey

Lost Alice Gameplay Frederick Grey
You are not safe on the surface of the ground, so I brought you here.
The Dormhouse

Aldo Bardi

Lost Alice Gameplay Aldo Bardi
There’s no need to worry. Just let me take care of you for now.
The Leader

Dino Bardi

Lost Alice Gameplay Dino Bardi
You confined yourself to this cage of your own volition…?
Aldo’s Brother

The Episode of Another Alice

Gilbert Rance

Lost Alice Gameplay Gilbert Rance
Gilbert Rance, the Knight of Griffon. Now I shall come.
The Griffon

Darius Rosenberg

Lost Alice Gameplay Darius Rosenberg
We’re determined to get rid of these ridiculous rules.
The Earl of Dodo

Allen Blood

Lost Alice Gameplay Allen Blood
At last, we meet. I’ve been waiting for ten years for this, ‘Real Alice’.
Another Alice

The Episode of The Red King

Theophilus Arkwright

Lost Alice Gameplay Theophilus Arkwright
*Laughter!* Ha-ha! Ha… *Cough*…!
The White King

Wayne Blouse

Lost Alice Gameplay Wayne Blouse
I don’t want to put you in danger.
The Butler

Eugene Wainwright

Lost Alice Gameplay Eugene Wainwright
I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide it from you.
The Red King

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