Shall We Date? Love Tangle Gameplay

Published on July 20, 2020

The followings video will show you Shall We Date Love Tangle Gameplay.
You can check all character gameplay from the game within our sites.

Shall We Date Gameplay Love Tangle

InformationStoryCharactersOpening MoviePrologue

TitleLove Tangle
Original Title
DeveloperNTT Solmare
PublisherNTT Solmare
Released DateDecember 14th 2015

The game is set at the luxurious apartment in Kaleido City, and it is called Lilac Court, where many celebrities reside.

One day, the heroine moves in to start her new life there, and she gets to know many handsome and mature men who live in the same residence.

Then, she gradually finds herself getting trapped into a bitter sweet love triangle.

As her heart wavers, she makes her decision to choose her partner, whom she would pursue their dreams together.

Ryan Gray

Love Tangle Gameplay Ryan Gray
I can do anything when I’m with  you.
The Bartender

Cody Gray

Love Tangle Gameplay Cody Gray
I won’t let anyone take you away from me.
The Actor

Miguel Hernandez

Love Tangle Gameplay Miguel Hernandez
I want to stay with you and watch you smile.
The Gold Medalist

Nolan “Arvin” Zarek, Jr.

Love Tangle Gameplay Nolan Zarek
Be more confident, because you are the one I chose.
The Elite Lawyer

Naoki Hozumi

Love Tangle Gameplay Naoki Hozumi
…I wont’t take it personally if you avoid me after hearing about this.
The Calligrapher

Carlo Mazza

Love Tangle Gameplay Carlo Mazza
If you’re all right, that’s all the matters.
The Chef

Timo Salminien

Love Tangle Gameplay Timo Salminen
As emotions go, it’s illogical and absurd, and yet I can’t rid myself of it.
The Researcher

Paul Morgan

Love Tangle Gameplay Paul Morgan
Will you accept me?
The Veterinarian

Andrea Lee

Love Tangle Gameplay Andrea Lee
You really throw me off. This is the first time I’ve wished a woman wouldn’t cry.
The Photographer

Henrik Kaled

Love Tangle Gameplay Henrik K
You are far more beautiful than a sky full of stars.
The Prince

Carter Harris

Love Tangle Gameplay Carter Harris
I never thought I would come to love someone as much as I love you.
The Butler

Oliver Cowell

Love Tangle Gameplay Oliver Cowell
If it’s the me that I am now, I can grant any of your desires.
The Top Model

Dean Price

Love Tangle Gameplay Dean Price
I think I was born unlucky, as pathetic as that seems.
The Policeman

Wylder Kelly

Love Tangle Gameplay Wylder Kelly
I was always worried that there was something I couldn’t see among the stars…
The Painter

Lumiere Rousseau

Love Tangle Gameplay Lumiere Rousseau
You’re like a fairy from a fairy tale.
The Fashion Designer

Yangzi Sun

Love Tangle Gameplay Yangzi Sun
…I trust myself, so I want you to trust me, too.
The Figure Skater

Ike Barnes

Love Tangle Gameplay Ike Barnes
Will you run away if I get a little closer, little bunny?
The Hero Impartial Officer

Moses Jackson

Love Tangle Gameplay Moses Jackson
Instead of miracles, I like to think of life as fate that you can change whenever you’d like.
The Researcher

Earl Olsen

Love Tangle Gameplay Earl Olsen
You’re really a troublesome woman…
The Programmer

Celina Winter

Love Tangle Gameplay Celina Winter
No matter what your answer is, my feelings for you won’t change.
The Pianist

Valentin Blom

Love Tangle Gameplay Valentin Blom
This song is for you.
The Vocalist

Lex Carabello

Love Tangle Gameplay Lex Caraballo
I will save you at all cost.
The Firefighter

Silvan Glanschmidt

Love Tangle Gameplay Silvan Glanzschmidt
Let me see that.
The Doctor

Jonas Klukas

Love Tangle Gameplay Jonas Klukas
That was close, Princess.
The Journalist

Ivy Attwood

Love Tangle Gameplay Ivy Attwood
Without a doubt, this is my most special person in the world.
The Businesswoman

William Moss

Love Tangle Gameplay William Moss
You are my princess.
The Florist

Love Tangle Gameplay Mazim Morozoff
There are so many unknowns in the world around us.
The Scientist

Alexey Morozoff

Love Tangle Gameplay Alexey Morozoff
You’ll be watching me when I’m out in space?
The Astronaut

Yamato Uzuki

Love Tangle Gameplay Yamato Uzuki
This victory is for you.
The Kendo Practitioner

Angelo de Ponte

Love Tangle Gameplay Angelo de Ponte
Being an architect is to create places that become people’s own world.
The Architect

Rami Zaza

Love Tangle Gameplay Rami Zaza
You’re the only partner I can accept.
The Adventurer

Cornelius Cruz

Love Tangle Gameplay Cornelius Cruz
Our relationship will last longer than this cruise.
The Ship Captain

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