Shinigami Kareshi Series Gameplay

The following video will show you Shinigami Kareshi Series Gameplay.
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Shinigami Kareshi Series Gameplay

InformationRe:Birthday SongUn:Birthday Song

Title Shinigami Kareshi Series
Original Title 死神彼氏シリーズ
Developer honeybee
Publisher honeybee
  • Re:Birthday Song
  • Un:Birthday song

There was a school that trains God, the “Shinigami”, who robs people’s soul.
There, candidates pair up with one another to study, in order to become a Shinigami…
Together with her partner, will she be able to become a Shinigami?

A normal high school girl with ordinary daily life, suddenly one day two men appear in front of her.
They called themself the Shinigami. They come to tell her the limit of her lifespan.
How will Hotori live out her last days? And what actions the Shinigami will take…?

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