The Men of Yoshiwara: KIKUYA Gameplay

The followings video will show you The Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya Gameplay.
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The Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya Gameplay

The Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya is an otome game Developed by Smart Kareshi, D3 Publisher and Dogenzaka Lab as the Publisher, released on October 19th 2015 and also part of the Forbidden Romance Series.

“The Men of Yoshiwara” is a popular romance game for women.

At the end, to whom is it that you will be talking of love?

A closed island where baby boys never born…

A unique culture that is completely different from the mainland
has been flourishing on the island.

In the middle of the island,
there is a district where men are gathered.

Some women just want children.

Others are looking for love.

Knowingly deceived by a lie, and deceived in return, all in a single
night’s dream.

At the end, to whom is it that you will be talking of love?


The only man I wanted was… Takao.

Kikura’s #1 proud courtesan.


This is your first time, isn’t it?
So we will let you choose.
What would you like to do?

A blond haired boy of a foreign bloodline.
Takao’s attendant.


This is the red-light district. It is our job to sell dreams.

An equal to Takao, a proud courtesan of the Kikuya.


I’m well aware that this finger and voice of mine
all exist to pleasure women.

Kagerou’s attendant.
Pure and still in training.


At last, I can give you a taste of what a real kiss is like.

The manager of the Kikuya.


All I remember is how much you’d smiled.

The protagonist’s childhood friend.

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