The Men of Yoshiwara – OHGIYA Gameplay : GAKUTO ~ Main Story

The following video will show you The Men of Yoshiwara Ohgiya Gameplay Gakuto Main Story.
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The Men of Yoshiwara Ohgiya Gameplay Gakuto Main Story

A confident and rugged courtesan.

He holds a certain ambition, but has a lovable side to him…

Born in the northern mainland, where kids got frostbite and die of hungry.

His parent sold him to a low-class brothel, Kirimise.

After you visit Ohgiya for the first time, your mother congrats you.

She told you that the best way to do business is to visit the pleasure district.

You have to choose only the best courtesan.
So you choose Gakuto…

He is so arrogant that you couldn’t help but pick a fight with him.

Soon you learn that he purposely insulted you to provoke your behavior.

Later you learn about his dark past.

He was able to live through it because he had a friend,
but… he died.

Now Gakuto want to take revenge.
He only lived his life to exact his revenge

“I am a demon with a small amount of humanity left in me.”

You want to eased his troubles if only a little…

Main Story | Sequel | Date Scenario

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