The Men of Yoshiwara – OHGIYA Gameplay

The following video will show you The Men of Yoshiwara Ohgiya Gameplay.
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The Men of Yoshiwara Ohgiya Gameplay

The Men of Yoshiwara Ohgiya is an otome game Developed
and Published by D3 Publisher & localized by Dogenzaka Lab,
released on April 19th 2016 and also part of the Forbidden Romance Series.

Deep in the center of an island lies the Yoshiwara pleasure district.
Never does its beauty, nor bustling activity, wane in the slightest.

No men are born on this island.
Therefore it is a custom that when women born on the island reach the appropriate age,
they pay a visit to Yoshiwara.

The daughter of a prosperous merchant, you are no except to this tradition.
Guided by your bodyguard Musashi Takenouchi,
you enter Yoshiwara to fulfill your duty as a woman.

Tonight is the first visit.
Invited to a luxurious feast, men of unworldly beauty are lined up before you.

From among these men, you will choose one,
and for a single evening become a false married couple.

Your heart flutters at the thought.

Seamless, perfect conduct and eyes that enchant everyone.

So these are the charms of men of the pleasure district…

Full of doubt and wonder,
which courtesan will you have chosen by the end of a seemingly endless night?

Kiyoha Somei

Buying a man…
I’m not sure that’s something I want to do.

The Protagonist


You’ll pick me, right? I see the carving in your eyes.
The Pride of Ohgiya


I’ll take you to the pure land your heart desires.
Born on the Mainland.


It’ll be fun to expose your true feelings.
Another Pride of Oghiya


It’s only appropriate to make a customer wait

after you have reached the position of having a room on your own.
An Orphan Sold to Ohgiya.


I truly mean that I want to see you again.

No one is making me to say that…
Studied Under Gakuto.

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