Un:Birthday Song Gameplay

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Un:Birthday Song Gameplay

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Title Un:Birthday Song ~Ai o Utau Shinigami~
Original Title Un:BIRTHDAY SONG ~愛を唄う死神~
Developer honeybee
Publisher honeybee
Released Date March 27th 2015
Relations Re:Birthday Song

I will sing a song that you will hear till the end――

A normal high school girl with ordinary daily life.
Suddenly one day two men appear in front of her.

The strangely-dressed guys informed her.

“You only have 1 month left to live.”

They called themself the Shinigami.
They come to tell her the limit of her lifespan.

According to the fate that has fallen on her, Hotori have to hand her soul to the Shinigami.
Just before she did, she had a wish she wanted to be granted so dearly.

That wish was… to tell her one-sided crush that she loves him.

How will Hotori live out her last days?
And what actions the Shinigami will take…?

A sad love story spun by the elite Shinigami.

Hotori Kanno

I still have unfinished things…

Please give me some time.
The protagonist of Un:Birthday Song


Oi, Hurry up and give me your life.
I’m sending you to the next world. So appreciate it, ‘kay?

The Ore-Sama Shinigami


How it be if you died quietly to the other world?
Wasn’t it good to be living?

A Shinigami and also Zen’s partner.

Shizuru Hayasaka

If someone precious suddenly disappeared,
what would you do?

Hotori’s classmate

Used translation with permission from Ramia

Used translation with permission from Theresa

Used translation with permission from Theresa

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