Yoshiwara Higanbana

The following video will show you Yoshiwara Higanbana Gameplay.
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Yoshiwara Higanbana Gameplay

Yoshiwara Higanbana is an otome game by Maria Crown and also as the Publisher,
released on September 25th 2015.

This is in the Edo era.

On the back side of a gorgeous and extravagance town,
where desires swirling.

At the long-standing red light district called “Oukaya”,
Chihaya acts as the highest ranked Oiran.

To go home where her parents live in the country,
day and night, she entertains unknown male.

Everyday daily life as usual.

Yoshiwara is a small world,
for Chihaya it’s an important place where she can prove herself.

The brothel owner Shigure, her kamuro Yuzu, together encouraging her…

Surrounded by irreplaceable people,
although she said life of prostitution, she is proud as an Oiran.

Until she know what true love is――

This is a story of a prostitute who can’t fight fate,
swallowed up by the upheaval.

Rin Chihaya

When you’re with me, I want you to laugh.
The Protagonist

Souichirou Iseya

When you’re with me, I want you to laugh.
The Owner of a Shipping Agency


I’m just doing my job.
The Hairdresser

Shinobu Ootsuki

Ah― It’s Chihaya-chan. Can I go to play tonight?

The Samurai

Akito Kaguraya

If I dare to say, it’s the face. Everything else not my taste.
The Rice Broker

Shigure Oukaya

To become this girl’s customer, unfortunately only the men I approved.

The owner of Oukaya



When you’re with me, I want you to laugh.
The Attendant at Oukaya

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